Тестовые задания для 4 класса по английскому языку. Интересные задания для 4 класса по английскому языку

Занимательный английский - Английский язык

Задания олимпиады по английскому языку

4 класс

Имя, фамилия______________________________________________________


  1. Пин получил странное письмо, в котором ему надо найти все глаголы. Помоги ему, подчеркни глаголы.

  1. make, read, table, animal, come, cut. 5) jump, English, black, learn, smile.

  2. flower, lesson, funny, ask, help. 6) stockings, draw, lion, school, stand.

  3. beautiful, translate, picture, retell. 7) bag, lunch, run, sit, teacher.

  4. desk, count, paper, fast, window. 8) green, tell, winter, garden, small.

  1. Cвяжи по смыслу вместе с Пином слова в двух колонках.

What do we read?

Why do we read?

  1. newspaper

  2. letters

  3. dictionaries

  4. books

  5. cook-books

  6. magazines

  7. menus

    1. to learn news

    2. to buy things

    3. to translate

    4. to eat

    5. to cook food

    6. to be clever

    7. to get new information

1 ___, 2 ___, 3 ___, 4 ___, 5 ____, 6 ____, 7 _____.

3. Помоги Пину вписать глагол в правильной форме.

1) My friend _________ (to live) in London.

2) You ___________ (to want) to go for a walk.

3) His sister _________ (to have) breakfast.

4) Ann and Nick __________ (to read) books in the afternoon.

5) We _________ (to do) morning exercises.

6) He ___________ (to work) at school.

4. Составь вместе с Пином связные предложения.

1) likes, in, to, newspaper, the, read, mother, evening, my;


2) computer, Saturdays, on, games, my, plays, sister;


3) you, hands, eat, do, wash, you, your, before;


4) after, like, football, we, lessons, to, play;


5) bed, I, make, the, in, don’t, my, morning.


5. Пину задали домашнее задание. Помоги ему решить примеры и записать ответ по-английски.

1) forty nine + one = ____________________________________________________

2) ten + fifty six = ______________________________________________________

3) thirty five + sixty five = _______________________________________________

4) fourteen + seventeen = ________________________________________________

5) eighty six + three = ___________________________________________________

6) one hundred and eleven + four = _________________________________________

6. Помоги Пину выбрать личные, притяжательные или указательные местоимения в каждое предложение.

1) ________ soup is very tasty. 5) What is ___ favorite book?

a) It; b) This; c) These. a) he; b) him; c) his.

2) Where is ___ new bag? 6) ___ mother is a doctor.

a) your; b) you; c) he. a) He; b) She; c) Her.

3) This is ___ kitten. 7) Can you see ___ men?

a) we; b) our; c) it. a) they; b) them; c) these.

4) ___ has got a new car. 8) Is that ___ bike?

a) Them; b) They; c) He. a) you; b) it; c) your.

7. Прочитай рассказ Пина об одной собаке. Постарайся понять его, после этого согласись или не согласись с утверждениями из текста.

Miss Lark’s Andrew.

Andrew was a nice small dog. He lived like a prince. He slept in his bed; he had chocolate every day. Miss Lark loved him! But he didn’t like his life. He wanted to be a usual dog.

Andrew had a friend. It was a terrible dog.

One day Miss Lark couldn`t see Andrew. “Andrew! Where are you?”

Then she saw her pet. Andrew was coming to her and near him a terrible dog was walking.

“Oh, you are OK!” said Miss Lark. “But that terrible dog! Go away!”

But the dog didn`t go. “Go away!” said Miss Lark. “And you, Andrew, come in the house!”

Andrew did not. “You are not coming? Only with your friend? That can`t be.”

Andrew barked and turned away.

“What are you saying? Your friend must sleep in bed too? Andrew, how can you?”

Andrew got up. So did the other dog. “Very well, Andrew. He can sleep in bed. A terrible dog!”

usual - обыкновенный to bark - лаять

terrible – ужасный

I agree

I disagree

1. Andrew was a nice small dog.

2. Andrew didn`t eat chocolate.

3. Miss Lark didn`t like Andrew.

4. Andrew had a friend – a usual street dog.

5. Miss Lark didn`t like Andrew`s friend.

6. Andrew and his friend wanted to live in the house.

7. Miss Lark was happy to have the two dogs in her house.


Упражнения по английскому для 4 класса

Данная подборка упражнений для 4 класса составлена Казаковой Е.В. и является 2 вариантом этого теста.

Автор: Казакова Елена Владимировна – частный репетитор. Новосибирск.

Представленные упражнения для 4 класса охватывают следующие темы:

Лексико-грамматические упражнения для 4 класса. Variant II

  1. Match the words with the translation. (Соотнесите слова с их переводом)















День рождения



Домашняя работа










Морской берег

2. Insert have or has. (Вставьте have или has )

1) They _____ got 7 lessons today.

2) My friends _____ got a lot of money.

3) I ________ got a brother and 2 sisters.

4) My parents ________ got blue eyes.

5) My grandmother ________got dark hair.


III. Choose the right option. (Выберите верный вариант)

1) His parents am\is\are kind.

2) My mother clean \cleans the rooms every day.

3) Do\Does you go to work every day?

4) My sisters don’t\doesn’t like to read.

5) He wear /wears a hat on his head.

6) I wear helmet \gloves on my hands.

4. Give short answers. (Дайте короткие ответы)

1) Do you go to school every day?


2) Can you play computer?


3) Can your brother swim?


4) Has your mother got a book?


5) Does your friend wash the dishes?


6) Are there two bedrooms in your flat?


7) Have your parents got roller-skates?


8) Is there a kitchen in your flat?


5. Write negatives and questions.(Напишите отриц. и вопросит. предложения)

I am a baker.


He has got a cat.


I play computer every day.


She always takes a shower.


My dad can drive.


There is a bag on the table.


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Задания по английскому языку 4 класс — SCHKOLER.RU


4 класс Present Simple


Задание 1. Дополните предложение с правильной формой глаголов в скобках

1. I _____ to bed at 12.00 p.m. (go)

2. John _______ fluent French, (speak)

3. Her children       ____ game shows and cartoons, (enjoy)

4. She always _____          funny jokes, (tell)

5. People _______ personal computers at home, (use)

6.  It ________ him about half an hour to get home from college. (take)


Задание 2. Напишите утвердительные предложения с глаголом в правильной форме

Example: I don’t go to school. — I go to school.

1. My mother doesn’t come from Russia.

2. My friends don’t live in Moscow.

3. Paul Simon doesn’t study at Trinity College.

4. My father doesn’t work as an engineer.

5. My friends and I don’t go to the cinema at weekends.

6. My friend doesn’t wear jeans and a T-shirt to the institute.


Задание 3. Напишите отрицательные предложения

Example: I to the radio in the morning, (listen) — I don’t listen to the radio in the morning.

1. I_______ the dog for a walk every day. (take)

2. She________ all the food in the nearest supermarket, (buy)

3. We________ to football matches every Sunday, (go)

4. This car_________ much money — it’s rather old. (cost)

5. My friends__________ in a bank, (work)

6. Pete__________ early at weekends, (get up)


Задание 4. Поставь общий вопрос

1. The shop closes at 5 o’clock.

2. They have parties every weekend. .

3. She speaks good English.

4. It rains a lot here in spring.

5. You drink a lot of tea.

6. They go shopping on Saturdays.


Задание 5. Переделайте данные предложения в вопросительные. Начинайте вопросы со слов в скобках.

1.       Ann watches television. (How often?)

2.       I write to my parents. (How often?)

3.       I have dinner in the evening. (When?)

4.       Tom works. (Where?)

5.       I go to the cinema. (How often?)

6.       People do stupid things. (why?)



Тестовые задания для 4 класса по английскому языку

Предложенные тесты сформулированы для повторения и систематизации грамматического материала, которые были преобретены на уроках английского языка. Данные тестовые задания можно использовать как тренировочные, так и для итогового оценивания. Тесты являются самой экономичной формой контроля. При помощи тестов можно быстро проверить как каждый ученик знает предложенный материал и может применить его на практике.

Просмотр содержимого документа «Тестовые задания для 4 класса по английскому языку »

Test 1: Plural of nouns

  1. a baby 2. a man 3. a boy

a. babies a. man a. boys

b. babys b. men b. boies

c. babyes c. mans c. boyes

4. a mouse 5. a fox 6. an ox

a. mouses a. foxs a. oxes

b. mice b. fox b. oxen

c. mouss c. foxes c. ox

7. a knife 8. a photo 9. a foot

a. knifes a. photos a. foots

b. knifs b. photos b. footes

c. knives c. photes c. feet

10. a child 11. a boy-friend 12. a sheep

a. childs a. boys-friend a. sheep

b. childes b. boy-friends b. sheeps

c. children c. boys friend c. sheepes

Test 2: much/many

  1. Thank you very ……….

  1. much

  2. many

  1. There isn`t ……...... milk in the bottle.

  1. much

  2. many

  1. I have got ………. time.

  1. much

  2. many

  1. Have your parents been to ………… countries?

a. much

b. many

  1. There aren`t …………..people in the street.

  1. much

  2. many

  1. You watch TV too…………

  1. much

  2. many

  1. Do you take …………… photos?

  1. much

  2. many

  1. My sister made …………….friends in London.

  1. much

  2. many

  1. Ann gets ………………letters every day.

  1. much

  2. many

10.Mary takes as……………book as she could carry herself.

  1. much

  2. many

11.Kate doesn`t spend ……………money on her clothes.

  1. much

  2. many

12. I didn`t do …………… mistake in my dictation.

  1. much

  2. many

Test 3: Verb to be

  1. Where ………. you from?

  1. am

  2. is

  3. are

  1. I ……….. glad to see you.

  1. am

  2. is

  3. are

  1. ………… you hungry?

  1. am

  2. is

  3. are

  1. Kiev……… the capital of Ukraine.

  1. am

  2. is

  3. are

  1. .………your father a doctor?

  1. am

  2. is

  3. are

  1. The dog ……….in the garden.

  1. am

  2. is

  3. are

7.………Tom and Sam good tennis players?

  1. am

  2. is

  3. are

8. Your book……….in your bag.

  1. am

  2. is

  3. are

  1. What ………..the weather like today?

a. am

b. is

c .are

10. I…….hot. Open the window, please.

  1. am

  2. is

  3. are

11. The news………not very bad today.

  1. am

  2. is

  3. are

Test 4: Present Simple

  1. How much…………..this dress cost?

  1. Is

  2. Does

  3. Do

  1. It ……….. often rain in summer.

a. Isn`t

b. Doesn`t

c. Don`t

3……… you like swimming?

  1. Do

  2. Does

  3. Are

4………Kate (speak)English?

a. Is…..speak

b. Does…….speak

c. Do……….speaks

5. Everybody in our family……(help) Mummy about the house.

a. help

b. helps

c. helpes

6. I usually ……….(water) flowers, and my brother……..(clean) the room.

a. water, clean

b. waters, cleans

c. water, cleans

7. I…(not/understand) that man because I…(not/know) English.

a. not understand, don`t know

b. don`t understand, not know

c. don`t understand, don`t know

8. Mary…………(not/ like) apples.

a. not likes

b. doesn`t like

c. don`t like

9. He …………have much money.

a. isn`t

b. doesn`t

c. don`t

10……Mary ……..(know) what I want?

  1. Mary knows

  2. Do Mary knows

  3. Does Mary know

  1. When………….you feed your pet?

a. do

b. does

c. are

12 ……………Ann go to the sport club every Monday?

a. Do

b. Does

c. Is

Test 5: Past Simple

1.I………at the camp last summer.

a. were

b. was

c. am

2.Mary………….water flowers yesterday.

a. is not

b. did not

c. does not

3. My family …………… to the country last week.

a. go

b. went

c. goes

4…………….Bill invite you to his birthday last week?

a. Does

b. Do

c. Did

5. My parents…………..in Germany four years ago.

a. was

b. were

c. be

6……………you see Peter last week?

a. Did

b. Do

c. Are

7. He…………… in France five years ago.

a. live

b. lives

c. lived

8.I…………….. a fantastic holiday last summer.

a. has

b. have

c. had

9……………… she make cake yesterday?

a. Does

b. Did

c. Is

10.We ………………..many countries last summer.

a. see

b. saw

c. sees

11. I…………….take .any photos last week.

a. did not

b. do not

c. does not

12. Kate ………………in the river last month.

a. swim

b. swam

c. swum



1.A 1. A 1. C 1.b

2.B 2. A 2. A 2.b

3.A 3. A 3. C 3.a

4.B 4. B 4. B 4. b

5.C 5. B 5. C 5. a

6.B 6. A 6. B 6. c

7.C 7. B 7. C 7. c

8.A 8. B 8. B 8.b

9.C 9. B 9. B 9. b

10.C 10. B 10. A 10. c

11.B 11. A 11. B 11. a

12.A 12. B 12. B















Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку 4 класс

Хохич Наталья Александровна

учитель английского языка

МБОУ СОШ №2 п. Софрино

Пушкинский р-н, Московская область

Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку

1. Вставь пропущенные глаголы:

Dear friend,

My name ____ Polly. I ____ ten. I ____ a pupil. I _____ to school. I ______ got a pet. It ____ a cat. My cat _______ red. It_____ milk. My pet _____ funny.

(7 points)

2. Напиши ответ Полине:


(10 points)

3. Какое из этих слов лишнее? Зачеркни его:

1. apple, pear, banana, potato.

2. coke, juice, tea, soup.

3. biscuit, ice cream, cake, bread.

4. black, grey, big, pink.

5. small, kind, clever, toy

(5 points)

4. Вставь like или likes:

1. I ________________ my toy car. 2. Den _______________ his black cat. 3. My dog ______________ to run. 4. Children _____________ to jump. 5. They _____________ their white dog.

(5 points)

5. Прочитайте текст и закончите предложения:

My name is Helen. I’ve got a friend. Her name is Kate. Kate lives in London. She is twelve. She is a pupil. Her favorite subjects are Math, Art and English. She can sing English songs and draw. She likes reading. Kate is kind and always ready to help. Kate helps her mother after school.

1. Helen has got …

a) a mother

b) a sister

c) a friend

2. His friend's name is…

a) Ann

b) Kate

c) Helen

3. Kate likes … .

a) reading books

b) singing

c) counting

4. Kate's favorite subjects are …

a) Math, Art, English

b) Math, P.E.

c) Math, Geography, Art

5. Kate helps her…..

a) friends

b) mother

c) mother and father

(5 points)

6. Выбери подходящее местоимение и вставь в место пропуска:

1. ____ is a teacher. (you, she, I)

2. ___ go to school. (Your, he, they)

3. ___ likes to read. (we, he, they)

4. ___ helps her mother. (she, you, he)

5. This is ___ friend. (he, her , they). _____ name is David.(her, his, its)

(5 points)

7. Разгадай ребус:

' ' " '

(10 points)

Общее кол-во баллов _________


"Викторина по английскому языку для 4 класса"

Викторина по английскому языку для 4 класса

I . Конкурс «Разгадай кроссворд»

Кроссворд по теме «Семья»


1. Peter is Jessica's …………………

2. Robert is Brian's …………………

3. Anna is Peter's …………………

4. Laura is Emily's …………………

5. Laura is Jessica's …………………

6. Emily is Michael's …………………

7. Brian is Emily's …………………


1. Peter is Jessica's …………………

2. Robert is Brian's …………………

3. Anna is Peter's …………………

4. Laura is Emily's …………………

5. Laura is Jessica's …………………

6. Emily is Michael's …………………

7. Brian is Emily's …………………
















II . Конкурс « Знатоков прошедшего времени»

1. Напиши первую и вторую форму глаголов:

учить, узнавать, рисовать, пить, ушибить, делать, находить, приходить, приносить, давать.

встречать, ловить, ходить, класть, брать, смотреть, забывать, приносить, летать.

2. Употребите was или were.

  • Nick…… at summer camp last summer.

  • My mum ……. happy because I got a good mark.

  • My dad …… sad because he cut his finger.

  • Alice and Jack …… at school yesterday.

  • He …. busy yesterday.

  • The children …. in Moscow last year.

  • We …. In Great Britain last spring.

  • You …. In Africa a year ago.

3. Составьте как можно больше вопросительных предложений.

My sister watered the flowers last Tuesday.

Bill and Pam went to the Green School a year ago.

I played football in the yard last summer.

Alex repaid the bike last Monday.

III . Конкурс «Найди ответы на вопросы»

Who brings presents to children in Russia?

Where does Father Frost live?

Where does Santa Claus live?

Where does Father Frost put presents?

Where does Santa Claus put presents?

What color is the coat of Santa Claus?

Who helps Santa Claus?

Who helps Father Frost?

IV . Конкурс «Прочти текст и выполни задание после текста»

The three little kittens

Once upon a time there was an old woman who had a cat and three kittens. And the first kitten said, “Mieow!” And the second little kitten said, “Mieow!” But the third little kitten said, “Bow-wow!”

Mother cat was surprised. “You must say “Mieow” like the others. “Mieow”, said the first and the second kittens. “Bow-wow”, said the third kitten, whose name was Blackie.

The old woman gave the cat and the first two kittens some milk, but the Blackie she gave a bone (кость). “I’ll give you some milk when you learn to say, “Mieow”!” she said.

Poor Blackie didn’t like the bone. He decided to go out into the street. He wanted to find somebody, who could teach him to say, “Mieow”.

A first he met a cow. “Moo! I like grass (трава)”, said the cow. Blackie didn’t like to eat grass. So he went on.

Then he met a little girl and asked what she liked to eat. “Tra-la-la! I like chocolate cake and fruit marmalade and sweets”, said the girl. Blackie didn’t like these things and he began to cry. He was very hungry.

Then he saw a puppy with its mother, and the puppy said, “Mieow”. The puppy’s mother said, “You mustn’t say “Mieow”. You must say, “Bow-wow” like all the other little puppies and only then you will get your bone”.

“If I give you my “Bow-wow”, what will you give me for it?” asked Blackie.

“I’ll give you my Mieow”, said the puppy and so he did (так он и сделал).

After that he came to its mother and said “Bow-wow”. She was glad and gave him a bone.

Blackie ran home. It was tea-time. The old woman gave the cat and her two kittens some milk. “Mieow”, said Blackie and he got his milk too.

    1. All the woman’s kittens could say, “Mieow”.

      1. True

      2. False

      3. Not stated

    1. Little Blackie wanted to eat a bone.

      1. True

      2. False

      3. Not stated

    1. The girl liked to eat sweets, chocolate cake, marmalade, bread and butter.

      1. True

      2. False

      3. Not stated

    1. The dog was glad to see Blackie.

      1. True

      2. False

      3. Not stated

    1. Blackie learned the right word.

      1. True

      2. False

      3. Not stated


Урок - викторина по английскому языку "Своя игра" (4 класс)

Обобщение и систематизация знаний лексики и грамматики пройденного материала

Просмотр содержимого документа «Урок - викторина по английскому языку "Своя игра" (4 класс)»


















Продолжи цепочки слов 3 словами

1 chair, window, door…

2 forest, ocean, …

3 tomorrow, last week, …..

Раздели слова на 3 группы

Kitchen badminton warm ski bedroom snowy windy pantry football










Вставьте пропущенные буквы

Fa. mhouse


wea. her




s. eep

co. ntry

bat. room




Подпиши картинки



seven envelopes

seven women


three mice


two fish



four cows

three monkeys

Вставьте пропущенные буквы








fift. en

eig. t




Расставь слова в правильном порядке










Ответь на вопросы

Where do you live?

Where are you from?

Can you write letters?

Вставь пропущенное слово

How old … you?



… you swim?


When … your birthday?


When … you write letters?

Составь вопросы. Определи время.

















In the park





О ком текст?

It is an animal. It has a big ears. It can jump. It cannot fly. It lives in Africa.

Прочитай рассказ и ответь на вопрос: Why dragon was sad?

Linda and Jack are friends. They like to go to the river and play games.

One day, they go to the river to swim and play games. Under a big tree they see a little green dragon.

“ Hello, dragon! “ says Linda.

“ Hello!“ says the dragon.

“ Let’s play badminton“ says Jack.

“ I’m sorry“ says the dragon. “But I can’t play badminton “

“ Let’s play football“ says Linda.

“ No“ says the dragon. “I I can’t play football. I haven’t friends and I can’t play games“.

The dragon was very sad.

“ It’s O. K.“ says Linda. “You are a very nice dragon. We want to be your friends and we can teach you play games. Do you want to play tennis now?“

“ I’d love to“ says the dragon and smiles.

Linda and Jack are friends. They like to go to the river and play games.

One day, they go to the river to swim and play games. Under a big tree they see a little green dragon.

“ Hello, dragon! “ says Linda.

“ Hello!“ says the dragon.

“ Let’s play badminton“ says Jack.

“ I’m sorry“ says the dragon. “But I can’t play badminton “

“ Let’s play football“ says Linda.

“ No“ says the dragon. “I I can’t play football. I haven’t friends and I can’t play games“. The dragon was very sad.

“ It’s O. K.“ says Linda. “You are a very nice dragon. We want to be your friends and we can teach you play games. Do you want to play tennis now?“

“ I’d love to“ says the dragon and smiles.

Найди ответы на вопросы.

1 Are Linda and Jack friends?

2 What do they like to do?

3 Who do they see under a big tree?

4Can the dragon play games?

5 Does the dragon want to play with children?

Yes, he does.

They see a little dragon .

No, he can’t.

They like to play games.

Yes, they are.